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Nature's Select™ has been setting industry standards in GREEN lawn care practices since 1994.

We understand that creating healthy soil creates a healthy lawn, and by doing so will protect the value of your property. We are passionate about nourishing the soil for a vibrant, lush, and healthy lawn from the roots up.

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Tree & Shrub Healthcare Solutions

Tree & Shrub

Tree and Shrub Healthcare

We strongly believe in good stewardship of agronomics, soil conditions, and preventative measures to thwart disease-causing infestations.

We have experts to assess the root cause of the problem, and will have solutions to secure results. At Nature's Select™, we are best-in-class for diagnosing tree and shrub problems.

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Pest & Disease Control Solutions

Pest & Disease

Pest and Disease Solutions

Insects, mosquitos, plant diseases, and animal pests can interfere with your outdoor landscape enjoyment.

We have solutions for various outdoor problems. After all, we are passionate about results and providing biological, sustainable programs to protect your largest investment – your home.

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Roger Bejcek Facebook Review
Roger Bejcek
“Been using them for many years. My yard looks good and Nature’s Select cares and is easy to work with.”
Marion Leys Facebook Review
Marion Leys
“Do a fantastic job. I have recommended them to several friends who are now using them.”
Chris Spaugh Facebook Review
Chris Spaugh
“Awesome job! They do what they say and do an excellent job bringing a damaged yard back to life.”
Oreo the Dog - Pet Friendly Lawn Care
Oreo the Dog
“Nature's Select™ programs are incredibly pet friendly!”

Believe In Green

Believe in Joe Green

Our Story

Why should you believe in green? There are benefits of green space, and we all strive to be good stewards of the environment. At Nature's Select™, we are professionals that firmly believe a healthy lawn means a healthy quality of life for your family & pets.
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Premium & Innovative Lawn Care From The Roots Up

There are many benefits to having a beautiful, healthy, green lawn. Not only does it look more appealing to neighbors and guests, but it also gives your family a place to play, relax, and decompress from life’s hectic pace. If your lawn is not quite the outdoor space you want it to be, Nature's Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc. can help. Contact us at (336) 768-7999 to request your free estimate.