Aeration and Overseeding in Winston-Salem

Aeration & Seeding Promotes Growth

It’s a safe bet that the most beautiful lawns you see in the Winston-Salem area are the ones that are aerated and seeded regularly. Because of the heavy clay content of our soil, compaction is a problem, which means oxygen can’t reach the roots of the grass plants. This causes grass to develop shallow roots and makes the plant more susceptible to drought, heat and disease stress.

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Aerating can help mediate some of the common problems plaguing lawns by allowing air, water, and nutrients to better penetrate into the root zone, stimulating root growth. Nature's Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., offers aeration services, select lawn care, and more to help create healthy lawns. Contact us at (336) 768-7999 to request your free estimate.

Implement an Annual Aeration & Overseeding Program

Schedule our lawn aeration services in the fall to promote a healthy lawn in the spring. It’s a simple but effective process:

  • A core aerator machine aerates the lawn by removing plugs of soil and thatch from your entire lawn, leaving the plugs on top of the lawn.
  • Micro-organisms in the plugs melt down into the thatch, helping it to break down naturally.
  • Overseeding the lawn then causes seed to fall into the holes left by the plugs. Seed will also adhere to the plugs left on top of the ground.
  • Watering at least every other day for two to three weeks will help establish new growth.

Lawn Aeration Service in Winston-Salem

Of all the companies in the area, Nature's Select™ provides the finest quality lawn aeration and seeding in the industry using core or deep tine aeration, depending upon weather conditions. All small areas and corners are “worked by hand” to produce optimal results. If your lawn needs some extra TLC, ask about our lawn renovation service and check out our expert lawn tips.

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Nature's Select™ offers an unbeatable combination of expert lawn aeration services and competitive pricing. To start building a healthy lawn, contact us at (336) 768-7999 and request your free estimate. We serve Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas, including Pfafftown and Clemmons.