Tree and Shrub Care Service in Winston-Salem

Tree & Shrub Healthcare for a Beautiful Lawn

Trees and shrubs are the crowning touch to a beautiful lawn. They provide shady nooks, places for kids to daydream, and an ever-changing landscape throughout the year. Guard this investment well with our tree and shrub program designed to feed and protect your plants.

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Our fertilizers for trees and shrubs have natural and biological enhancements, providing optimal soil health levels for your ornamental plantings. Your plants will benefit from high quality soil. In addition, insect and disease control components help protect the investment you have in your landscape. If your trees or shrubs are already “sick,” the experts at Nature's Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc. can diagnose the problem and recommend a course of treatment. Contact us at (336) 768-7999 to request your free estimate.

Our Tree & Shrub Care Program Includes 5 Applications

Spring 1 Tree Care Application Winston-Salem

Spring I
(January – March)

This application provides a biologically enhanced fertilizer delivered by soil injection. Granular fertilizer is applied as needed.

Spring 2 Tree Care Application Winston-Salem

Spring II
(March – April)

This application provides horticultural oil to control soft-bodied insects and their eggs left over from the winter months.

Summer 1 Tree Care Application Winston-Salem

Summer I
(May – July)

This application provides selective insect control, biologically enhanced fertilizer, and fungal disease control as needed.

Summer 2 Tree Care Application Winston-Salem

Summer II
(July – September)

This application provides biologically enhanced fertilizer and insect control. Fungal diseases are assessed and controlled as needed.

Fall Tree Care Application Winston-Salem

(October – December)

This application provides horticultural oil to coat the leaves to prevent winter burn and smother soft-bodied insects and eggs.

Additional Tree & Shrub Care Services

These services give your landscape plants an extra boost of TLC.

  • Deep Root Feeding. Ornamental and large trees are some of the most neglected plants in the landscape. In deep root feeding, a probe is inserted into the soil, delivering a high- pressure liquid that provides fertilizer and organic additives and breaks up soil compaction. This is especially valuable for new trees and new landscape plantings.
  • Vertical Mulching. Trees showing signs of stress such as limb loss, early leaf drop, or early leaf-color change may need vertical mulching. Our newest method of “aeration for trees” breaks up the soil compaction. We drill two-inch diameter and eight-inch deep holes every two to three feet within the tree canopy. The holes are filled with a mixture of beneficial organisms and nutrients. The holes provide a new space for the tree roots to expand and actually prevent re-compaction of the soil, while providing a way for oxygen to reach the root system. This is the best way to help trees recover from stress.
  • Tree Growth Regulation. It can be beneficial to slow down a tree’s growth. Trees that have been planted near a home or power line when they were young may begin to grow too large for the site as they mature. Slowing the growth of a tree can also allow the tree to focus its energy use on the root system, to better absorb nutrients out of the soil. Regulating growth can reduce the need for pruning, prevent overcrowding of plantings, and extend the overall life of the tree.
  • Root Damage. Construction can damage the roots of large, established trees. We have a product that can help with this situation.

Tree Care by Species

Providing precise care to certain species of trees can help avoid some of the common problems that can weaken or even destroy trees.

Hemlock Healthcare and Tree Care Winston-Salem

Hemlock Healthcare

Hemlocks in our region have come under attack from both mites and woolly adelgids. Our Hemlock Program provides two spray applications (Spring-March, Fall-Late September/Early October) to both ensure the health of your trees and to heal trees already suffering from insects and poor fertilization.

Boxwood Tree Care Service in Winston-Salem

Boxwood Healthcare

Boxwood blight has slowly crept into Winston-Salem, but Nature's Select™ has a plan to manage it better than anyone else. Our Blight Management Strategy includes multiple fungicide rotations, proper pruning to increase oxygen, and the following seasonal applications:

  • Spring. Biologically enhanced fertilizers and insect control.
  • Summer. Biologically enhanced fertilizer designed for summer use, and insect control.
  • Fall. Soil test and pH adjustment as needed for new clients and biannually for long-term clients.
  • Winter. Horticultural Oil to protect plants from wind burn and control of insects and their eggs.

Leyland Tree Healthcare in Winston-Salem

Leyland Healthcare

The Leyland Cypress has become a very popular plant in the Winston-Salem area. Its beautiful evergreen foliage and quick growth habit have caused a sharp rise in plantings and also a rise in diseases and insects associated with the plant.

Nature's Select™ assesses the disease and how best to fight it. We can, for example, suppress Seiridium Canker with fungicides or slow Botryosphaeria Canker through root zone drenches, our biological technology, and proper horticulture pruning techniques.

In addition to trees and shrubs, Nature's Select™ offers select lawn care and traditional lawn services for creating beautiful, healthy lawns. We believe in building lawns from the roots up and take the time to customize a program for each lawn we service. We can address frustrating issues including grubs, Bermuda grass, and other lawn diseases. Check out our expert lawn tips for further help.

For the best tree care and competitive pricing, contact Nature's Select™ at (336) 768-7999. We serve Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas, including King and Kernersville.