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At Nature's Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we specialize in biological, sustainable lawn and plant healthcare programs in King, NC and nearby areas. We believe that a healthier landscape means a healthier quality of life for you and your family. Contact us today at (336) 768-7999 for a free estimate and to see how our lawn service programs can transform your lawn into the outdoor space you’ve always wanted it to be.

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Select Solutions for Every Lawn

Whether you’re starting from scratch after a new-home build or simply have some areas that need reseeding in your lawn, we have the program that’s just right for your lawn. We’ll test the soil to know exactly how to tailor a lawn care solution that will bring out the best—and curtail the worst—in your lawn. We’re all about building soil from the roots up, and we do it in a way that’s effective and sustainable.

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Protect Your Trees & Shrubs in King, NC

Trees, shrubs, and plant beds are the outdoor decor of your home. In addition to adding beauty, they also do the important work of creating healthier biomes in the landscape that support the existence of beneficial microorganisms. Unfortunately, homeowners often don’t realize that they require care to maximize their potential while protecting them from diseases and pests. Ask us about our tree care programs, so you can reap the benefit of years of mature trees.

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Minimize the Effects of Pests & Diseases

Even with proper care and nurturing of your lawn and plants, Nature’s Select realizes that insect issues will arise outside the scope of the common. Whenever possible, we use more natural pest control remedies such as oils to address the issue. However, when applied in the early stages, insecticides can be used that will control pest population while limiting the environmental impact.

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Healthy Lawn Care in King NC

Proper Lawn Care for a Healthy Lawn

Homeowners in King, NC, frequently ask us what they can do to care for their lawn. Prevention is key, and implementing proper horticultural practices sets the right foundation. The following three actions alone often prevent problems from starting in the first place:

  • Proper watering of grass and plants
  • Proper pruning of trees, shrubs, and plants
  • Proper mulching of trees and plants

Be sure to read our lawn tips and tree and shrub tips for more ideas.

For the best lawn care services in the King, NC, area, contact Nature's Select™ at (336) 768-7999 and request a free estimate. We also serve clients in Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, Clemmons, Kernersville, and beyond.