Tree & Shrub Tips

Lawn Fertilizing Tips in Winston-Salem


Like all living things, trees and shrubs need food and nutrients to grow. Well-fertilized trees and shrubs will grow vigorously and look greener and healthier while producing more flowers.

Lawn Pest Control Tips in Winston-Salem

Pest Control

Being vigilant and proactive with your trees and shrubs will help you reduce pests and protect your plants’ health and beauty. Nature's Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc. offers a wide array of pest control methods and tree and shrub care programs for a healthy landscape that will hopefully last for years.

Tree Pruning Tips in Winston-Salem

Tree Pruning Tips

Spring is the optimum time to prune for many types of plants. Cut back summer-blooming plants during the winter or early spring before new growth appears. Do not prune plants that bloom in the spring as you could remove next spring’s flowers. Prune these plants after the blooms fall off in the spring. In the late spring, prune back new growth in conifer plants but avoid cutting beyond new foliage.

Lawn Winter Stress Tips in Winston-Salem

Winter Stress

Be sure that your trees and shrubs are properly mulched to help maintain temperature and soil moisture. Root tissues don’t fare well in temperatures much below freezing and can be killed or severely injured. The presence of mulch, leaf litter, or snow cover can help insulate most soils sufficiently to prevent soil temperatures from falling too far below freezing.

Late Fall Lawn Tips in Winston-Salem

Late Fall

Be sure to water your trees and shrubs, especially evergreens, during dry periods until the ground freezes.

Lawn Care Tips for Heavy Snow in Winston-Salem

Heavy Snow & Ice Storms

Winter weather can cause damage by bending and breaking branches. To protect plants from limb breakage prior to winter, tie the branches together loosely with strips of cloth or coated twine.

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