Frequently Asked Questions

At Nature's Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we receive a lot of questions not only about our services, but also lawn care tips in general. To help you empower yourself with all of the information for the best looking lawn, we’ve provided answers to some of our most commonly heard questions below. Contact us at (336) 768-7999 to inquire about any of our services.

Remain off the treated lawn until it is dry. With the sun and wind, the material dries relatively quickly, but waiting as long as possible is best.

For the best results, we advise 24 hours. Do not bag clippings after application.

You should mow your lawn at a minimum of three inches during the growing season. Depending on the lawn, you may even want to set the blade a little higher. You should be able to walk across your lawn and leave a slight imprint and then watch it spring back up. If it lays flat and doesn’t spring back, you are mowing too high. If you can’t leave an imprint, you are mowing too short. Mow your lawn frequently enough so that you don’t remove more than one-third of the leaf blade. Remember to keep your blades sharp and change directions each time you mow. Late evening is the best time for mowing.

We do not like to see clippings removed from the lawn. Clippings are vital to the growing cycle and return nutrients and organic matter back to the soil. The only time we recommend bagging clippings is when the lawn has gotten too tall to remove the clumps. Otherwise, wait for the clumps to dry and mow in the opposite direction, which will spread the clippings out.

If you do not have an in-ground irrigation system, it can be hard to thoroughly water your lawn. During a drought, water your lawn at least one inch per week to keep the grass plant alive. Anytime you water the lawn, water deeply and infrequently. This will encourage deep root growth, and by watering two to three days apart you will limit leaf disease. If you have an irrigation system, you should water two to three days per week, deeply and infrequently. You want to shoot for about one to one and one-half inches of simulated rainfall per week.

Grubs and insects are usually present in lawns every year. Weather conditions and population of the pests are what determine the amount of damage. We recommend grub control for all lawns and especially for lawns that are irrigated or have had grub damage in the past. We view grub and insect control as an insurance policy. It is better to have it, than not and wish you did. If your lawn had grub damage last year, it has an 80 percent chance of being damaged by grubs again if not treated.

The best compliment you can give us is a referral. We have built a strong and healthy business with excellent growth because of our loyal customers. We are continually seeking new opportunities and are looking to expand our business in many markets. We hope you are always satisfied with your service.

Through our referral program, you and the referred household will each receive a referral discount once the referred person turns into a customer. Please call our office at (336) 768-7999 for details. Once again, we greatly appreciate your business and would like to thank you in advance for any referral you choose to send our way.

If you have further questions about our services, contact Nature's Select™ at (336) 768-7999 to request your free estimate. We serve the Winston-Salem area and beyond.