Weed Control in Landscape Beds Winston-Salem

Plant Beds & Natural Areas

In today’s world, homeowners are invested in making their lawns the best they can be. We can help by tailoring the weed control in your mulch beds to exactly what you need for vibrant, healthy plants.

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If you want to minimize the amount of work it takes to care for your plant beds while maximizing the health and vitality of your soil and plants, Nature's Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc. has the solution. Contact us today at (336) 768-7999 to request your free estimate in Winston-Salem or the surrounding areas.

Weed Control in Landscape Beds

Weed Control in Mulch Beds Winston-Salem

Nature's Select™ offers a program unlike any other on the market. We care so much about the ecological health of our world that we’ve designed services and products that build health into your soil and trees and shrubs with every application. This leads to vigorous plants that are better able to resist attacks from diseases and bugs like grubs and others.

When necessary, we will also treat your beds and natural areas with a biological weed control that is safe for beneficial insects and pollinators. We are definitely not a one-size-fits-all company. We test your soil to know exactly what it needs and treat it accordingly. You’ll find that all of our services including our select lawn care program goes the extra mile in creating a lawn that not only looks healthy but is healthy.

Why Choose Nature's Select™?

  • A philosophy and approach to lawn care that is scientifically unique and biologically based.
  • A pest management system focused on controlling population, not on exterminating and eradicating. This means the careful use of specific insecticides if needed that limit environmental impact. We do not spray into flowering trees or shrubs.
  • A highly successful program to combat lawn diseases.
  • The products we use feed the soil, encouraging the growth of living organisms that healthy soil needs.

Nature's Select™ is the company that can handle weed control in your mulch beds while still putting the health of the environment first. Contact us today at (336) 768-7999 to request your free estimate. We serve Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas, including Pfafftown and Clemmons.