Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to prepare for fall. For many homeowners, that means it’s time to start thinking about how to care for their lawns through the fall months and into winter. While it may seem like you’re almost done for the season, there are actually several fall lawn care mistakes that can do a lot of damage between now and spring. At Nature’s Select Premium Turf Services, Inc., we never want to see a good lawn damaged, so today we’re sharing three common mistakes to avoid this season.

Fall Lawn Care

1. Not Clearing Debris

After a long summer of caring for your lawn, fall is not the time to get lazy. It may be tempting to ignore those leaves and twigs, and leave them on your yard. But, if you don’t collect them before winter, they will become an open invitation for pests. Rodents, such as voles and mice, love messy lawns in the winter, and they will happily tunnel all over your lawn and destroy it. And don’t forget that grass needs sunlight to thrive, even in the winter time.

2. Cutting the Lawn Too Short

When planning your last mow of the season, it can be tempting to cut it super short to last until spring. However, as a general rule, grass should be cut no shorter than about three inches long. Trimming it too short removes much of the energy-producing top growth and puts unnecessary stress on the plant, making it more susceptible to insects and disease.

3. Not Aerating and Overseeding

At Nature’s Select, we always recommend fall aeration and overseeding for a healthy lawn. On an aerated lawn, water penetrates more deeply into the soil, creating a deeper root system that is much more tolerant of drought. Additionally, an aerated lawn is more resilient. Because of the additional oxygen in the soil, the roots will be thick and healthy, making the blades thick and healthy too. Additionally, by overseeding your lawn, you’re able to fill in the bare spots with new grass and thereby strengthen your entire lawn.

To find out more about how to care for your lawn through the fall and winter, contact Nature’s Select today at (336) 768-7999. We provide naturally better lawn care to Winston-Salem, NC, and the surrounding areas, including Pfafftown and Clemmons, and we proudly offer expert lawn service, including aeration and eco-friendly lawn care systems.