Well, we’ve made it through another great summer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It’s time to hang up our lawn tools for the winter and relax until spring, right? Wrong! A beautiful, healthy lawn won’t just appear overnight come spring, it takes months of preparation and maintenance through the fall and winter seasons. But, in the spring, it will all be worth it. If you want to enjoy a healthy lawn next spring, complete these three fall projects recommended by the expert team at Nature’s Select Premium Turf Service, Inc.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

1. Keep Mowing Through Autumn

Grass doesn’t stop growing until it frosts over in winter, so there’s no reason to stop mowing come autumn. Continue cutting your grass at its normal height until it stops growing. Then, for your final mow, decrease the height to 2 to 2.5 inches. This height will help preserve nutrients and prevent disease through the cold months.

2. Keep Watering

Even though the sun is no longer scorching your lawn every afternoon, it’s still important to use a rain gauge to keep an eye on how much water it is getting. If your grass isn’t getting at least one inch of water per week, you should water it to help the grass sustain itself through the winter.

3. Mulch Your Leaves

For the health of your lawn, it’s very important never to leave the leaves on your lawn. The decomposing leaves will attract bugs, molds, and some fungi that can be very harmful to your lawn. Not only that, but if they are still there come springtime, they will block out the much needed sunlight and stop your grass from growing. Instead, use your lawn mower to sweep them up and chop them into tiny pieces. This will keep the leaves from hindering growth, and will give your lawn the nutrients it needs.

Give your lawn some TLC this fall for a beautiful start next spring. Trust the experts at Nature’s Select for help with getting your lawn ready for winter. Contact us at (336) 768-7999 today to request your free estimate for any of our lawn care services.