Thanks to lower temperatures in the late summer and early fall, grasses reach peak growth. Fall is the ideal season for strengthening existing lawns and creating new grass because of the warm days and cool nights. Fall lawn care can go a long way in ensuring a beautiful lawn come spring. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc..

Fall Lawn Care Tips

1. Continue to Water

Grass that is actively growing needs water. However, as fall approaches, you can postpone routine watering and count on rainfall to assist. Lawns that are mature and healthy typically require 1 inch of water each week, including precipitation. Under normal circumstances, that same amount may last 10 to 14 days as growth begins to slow.

2. Tend to the Thatch

When it is thin, the organic layer that develops between the soil and the grass blades is beneficial to lawns. But when the thatch layer thickens to more than 1/2 inch, it can restrict the flow of water and nutrients and promote disease. Handheld rakes and dethatchers, sometimes known as vertical mowers, are examples of dethatching tools. With the help of these instruments, the thatch layer can be cut through, pulled up for removal, and the healthy soil and grass interface can be restored.

3. Test Your Soil

Fall soil testing makes it easier to manage the pH and nutrients of your lawn’s soil. Making the suggested changes in the fall gives soil amendments more time to work and get your soil ready for spring. For instance, lime applications can begin working right away to balance the pH of the soil and promote healthier, greener lawns in spring. Test problem areas annually while testing healthy lawns every three to four years.

4. Mulch or Remove Leaves

Mats of fallen leaves that go unattended smother lawn vegetation and encourage disease. Small amounts of leaves should be mowed and mulched while larger amounts should be raked, bagged, or composted.

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