For many of us, mowing the lawn happens when we have the time to do it. In general, this is fine because life goes on. If you’re working to perfect your lawn, however, you may be curious about which time of day is best to mow. Proper lawn care can really enhance your yard, creating a greener, more lush surface. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc.

What is the Best Time to Mow Your Lawn?

Early Morning

The worst time to mow is probably first thing in the morning. The grass will probably be covered in morning dew. This could put extra strain on your mower, resulting in uneven grass cutting. The grass can rip as a result of this. Torn grass is the ideal gateway for disease and fungus to infect your lawn.


Although the best time of day to cut the grass is debatable, there is one period that is preferable to the others. The best time of day to mow the grass, according to the majority of experts, is mid-morning. The justification for this is that the lawn needs time to recover before nightfall. Your lawn really needs the day to dry and recover before sunset.


Midday grass mowing is normally safe, but it is not recommended. You will stress out the turf in addition to having to work during the warmest portion of the day. However, as long as it’s a routine trim and you’re only removing the top third of the grass, you should be okay. You run the danger of burning your grass if you are behind on your lawn maintenance and need to cut more than the top third.


The second best time of day to mow your grass is in the afternoon. The afternoon is a wonderful time to mow your lawn if you can’t go outside in the morning and don’t want to risk burning it.


It’s just as risky to mow your lawn too late in the day as it is to do it too early. This is due to the fact that as night falls, dew begins to set in. You run the same danger of exposing your freshly cut grass to illness and fungus as you do in the early morning.

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