Have you ever checked out the lawns in your Winston-Salem neighborhood and wondered why some are beautiful and lush, and others aren’t? The difference is likely regular aeration and overseeding done by a professional. At Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we know the true value of aeration because of the heavy clay content of the soil in most neighborhoods in our area. However, with all the aeration techniques available, how do you know which is best for your lawn? Read on to learn more.

Core Aeration Is the Best Aeration Method

Spike Aeration

The spike method of aeration involves puncturing the ground with a spike or sharp-pointed metal. Often this is done with special aeration shoes or hand spike tools. This method is very straightforward and will increase access to roots before fertilizing or seeding. However, it is not very effective on heavily compacted soils like clay. Because this method relies on manual effort, it is typically not able to penetrate deeply enough into your soil to be efficient or effective for large lawns.

Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration is the only method that does not seek to penetrate the soil, so it does not require any special tools. Instead, you simply mix a liquid aeration product with water and spray it across the grass. Generally, you can use a basic garden hose with an attachment. The aeration product will stimulate microbes and enzymes to break down thatch and compacted soil. Unfortunately, most experts agree that these aeration products are not effective and will not successfully break down compacted soil.

Core Aeration

The coring method of aeration is the standard and most popular option used by professionals. A powered aerator machine is pushed across the lawn and pulls up small cores of soil and grass. These cores are then left on the surface and break down over time, providing nutrients to the lawn. The holes made by the machine are the right size and shape to allow for more soil space, better oxygen absorption, and better thatch and soil compaction resolution. The coring method definitely produces the best results and can generally be completed within a few hours.

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