Summertime is always a great time to get outside as much as possible with family and friends. This summer in particular has North Carolina homeowners spending more time in their own backyards instead of larger gatherings away from home they may have previously attended. However, all that activity can case some problems with your lawn. At Nature’s Select Premium Turf Services, Inc., we know you want your lawn to look great all season long, so we put together a quick list of ways to protect it from summer fun.

Protect Your Lawn from Summer Fun

Kid Damage

We all love to see the kids playing outside in the fresh air. They get exercise and time away from screens, and you get a quiet house. However, constant use of the same area can kill grass and create bare spots. Therefore, if you have a swing set, put mulch or pea gravel under it so you don’t have to worry about bare spots. Make sure to move large items – like kiddie pools or slip-n-slides – every day to avoid brown spots underneath. And talk to your kids about caring for the lawn. Make sure they know where it’s okay to dig and play (like in a sandbox) and where it isn’t.

Pet Damage

We know you love your pets, but that doesn’t mean you have to love the damage they can do to your lawn. If your pet has made a habit of running the same path next to your fence or house, and that has left a bare spot, consider planting bushes or tall grasses there instead. If your pet won’t stop digging up your flower beds, deter them with a decorative fence, edging, or large rocks. Finally, be sure to clean up after your pet every time they “mark their territory” in your yard.

Party Damage

As mentioned above, homeowners are having more backyard gatherings this year, which can be very hard on the lawn. When you have guests over, pay attention to the flow of foot traffic in your space. Use your patio furniture to influence the path you want your guests to take, thus preventing people from accidentally stepping in your landscaped areas. You can also consider adding stepping stones to protect your grass from foot traffic. Finally, remember to put away your lawn furniture when the party is over to prevent killing the grass underneath.

At Nature’s Select, we make it our mission to keep your lawn healthy so you can continue to enjoy it with your family and friends. We are happy to answer your questions on how our eco-friendly treatment programs can nurture your outdoor investment. Contact us at (336) 768-7999 or request your free online estimate today.