Every homeowner knows that an essential part of achieving a happy, healthy lawn is making sure it is watered properly. However, watering your lawn isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. In fact, in order to properly water your lawn, you must consider things like the time of day, the amount, and the technique you’re using. At Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we provide not only expert lawn services, but also expert lawn care tips so you have everything you need to achieve a gorgeous, green lawn.

Lawn Watering Tips and Tricks

When to Water

Established lawns need deep watering about once a week to encourage deeper root growth. While it seems like you should be able to water your lawn whenever is convenient for you, your lawn actually needs more specific care than that. Watering mid-morning (around 10 AM) is generally the best time to water you lawn because the sun hasn’t reached it’s peak yet, so the water will soak into the soil before it evaporates. Early evening is also an acceptable time to water, as long as your lawn has time to dry off a bit before nightfall. The later you water your lawn, the greater chance of disease (due to excessive moisture).

How Much Water

On average, most grasses need about an inch of water each week, either from the rain or watering. You want to make sure the top six to eight inches of soil is wet to ensure your lawn is getting enough water. To do this, check it every 15 minutes while watering by using a screwdriver or something similar to test how deep the water has penetrated. Once the soil has been soaked to a depth of at least six inches, you can stop the watering.

How to Water

Finally, consider the method you’re using to water your lawn. There are countless ways to water your lawn and each has it’s own set of benefits, so choose what works best for you and consider the following. If you’re using a sprinkler system, be sure it is set up and maintained correctly to ensure your lawn is getting the water it needs. For hose-end sprinklers, make sure the wind isn’t affecting the spray pattern, causing your lawn to be watered unevenly.

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