Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn can be a source of pride for homeowners. However, pesky pests can quickly turn your green paradise into a nightmare. At Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we understand the frustration that comes with battling unwanted guests in your yard. That’s why we offer comprehensive pest control services tailored to address the specific challenges faced by homeowners in Winston-Salem. Keep reading to learn how we combat these five pests with our pest control services.

Protect Your Lawn: Nature's Select™ Pest Control

1. Moles

Moles might be small, but their impact on your lawn can be significant. Their relentless digging and tunneling can wreak havoc on your turf, leaving unsightly mounds and damaged roots in their wake. At Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we understand the importance of effectively managing mole populations while respecting their protected status. Our approach involves targeting their primary food source: grubs. By controlling the grub population in your lawn, we can deter moles from turning your yard into their personal playground.

2. Voles

Voles are another common nuisance for homeowners in Winston-Salem. These small rodents can quickly multiply and wreak havoc on your lawn by chewing through grass and roots. Left unchecked, voles can cause extensive damage to your turf, leaving you with a patchy, unkempt lawn. Our vole control services are designed to swiftly address infestations and prevent further damage, allowing you to reclaim your yard with confidence.

3. Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are a scourge for gardeners everywhere. These voracious insects can decimate your plants, leaving behind nothing but skeletal remains. At Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we offer effective Japanese beetle control solutions to protect your garden from these destructive pests. By employing targeted spraying techniques, we can minimize the damage caused by Japanese beetles and preserve the health and beauty of your plants.

4. Geese

Geese might seem harmless, but their presence can pose a nuisance for homeowners, especially near bodies of water. At Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we utilize safe and effective repellants to encourage geese to move elsewhere, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle of unwanted visitors.

5. Mosquitoes & Insects

Finally, mosquitoes and other insects can make spending time outdoors unbearable, particularly during the warmer months. Our mosquito and insect control program is designed to target live mosquitoes and their eggs, reducing populations by up to 90% and providing lasting relief for you and your family. With our combination of products and garlic-based repellants, we can create a more enjoyable outdoor environment while minimizing the impact on beneficial insects.

At Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc., we’re committed to helping homeowners in Winston-Salem protect their lawns from common pests. With our targeted pest control solutions, you can enjoy a beautiful, pest-free yard year-round. Contact us today at (336) 768-7999 to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.