If you just decided to hire someone to manage your lawn care, then you’ve now run into your next obstacle: how to tell if the lawn care company you chose is a good one. There are huge differences between lawn care companies as some will be fantastic while others can be awful. How can you distinguish between them? Here are some tips from the team at Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc.

How to Hire the Right Lawn Care Company

Well-Maintained Equipment

“How often do you sharpen your blades?” is a smart question to screen out subpar lawn care companies. This is a common difference between the typical do-it-yourselfer and a lawn care business. A skilled individual can distinguish between grass mowed with a dull and sharp blade. The top of the grass will seem torn and brown due to dull blades. Normally, you would change your blade once or twice a year if you were cutting your own lawn. Blades are typically sharpened or replaced every one-two days by reputable lawn care companies. Ask them how many hours they mow before changing or sharpening blades as a general rule.

Solid Reputation

Our daily lives have changed significantly as a result of the internet. We can now rapidly read and assess businesses to check their reputations, for example. You can generally see if a company is subpar if it has several bad reviews and in-depth stories of inadequacies. Additionally, find out from your neighbors who they use and what they think of them. This is a wonderful way to conduct research to identify reputable businesses, and it works well to screen out pricey or unreliable businesses that your neighbors don’t like.

Proper Practices

For a proper business, it is necessary to be insured and licensed. However, this is not always the case for lawn care. You probably know someone who pays for lawn maintenance under the table. You may try doing it yourself, but we’d ask you to reconsider for a few good reasons. One reason is that if they have a license and insurance, you may be confident they have made a career out of being a professional. They’re not just looking to scrounge up some more cash. Second, and more crucially, you’ll probably be held accountable if they suffer an injury while on your property. Lastly, their insurance will not pay for the damage if their lawnmower throws a rock through your glass.

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