Fall colors are in full bloom in North Carolina, and with that comes the question of fall leaf clean-up. Many homeowners feel the pressure to immediately rake their leaves and dispose of them, while others feel that raking leaves isn’t necessary. After all, Mother Nature put the leaves there, won’t she take them away? So what is the answer? Our team at Nature’s Select Premium Turf Services would love to educate you today on the proper way to deal with your fall leaves this year.

Is Raking Leaves Necessary?

Not Raking

Many homeowners fear that not raking their leaves will hinder the growth of their lawns. It is true that your lawn will go dormant in the wintertime but when spring comes around, the decomposing leaves will block out light and stop your grass from growing. Not only that, but decomposing leaves will attract bugs, molds, and some fungi that can be very harmful to your lawn. The final danger of waiting until spring to deal with your fallen leaves is that dry, crunchy leaves are much easier to remove. Wet, soggy leaves that have sat through the winter will be a much larger problem.

Raking and Removing

Aesthetically speaking, raking up all of the leaves and removing them completely may be the most tempting option. However, by removing the leaves, you remove valuable nutrients. Some fungi, like mycorrihzal, thrive on decomposing leaves and are actually quite beneficial to your lawn.


So if you’re not supposed to leave the leaves, and you aren’t supposed to remove them completely, what is the answer? Mulch! Instead of raking your leaves this fall, use your lawn mower to sweep them up and chop them into tiny pieces. This will keep the leaves from hindering growth, it will give your lawn the nutrients it needs, and it will save your back from hours of raking time.

At Nature’s Select Premium Lawn Care Solutions, our goal is always to provide the best combination of natural and traditional lawn care solutions. We know that healthy lawns are beautiful lawns and we are passionate about sharing eco-friendly ways for homeowners to improve their lawns. Contact us at (336) 768-7999 today to request your free estimate for any of our lawn care services.