Professional relationships can be tricky. You don’t want to be unreasonable, but you also want to get what you paid for. So, how do you know if the lawn care company you hired is the wrong one? Your friends at Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc. has put together a list of four unforgivable mistakes to watch out for. If they’ve made one or more of these mistakes or if they happen more than once, you should definitely consider ending this professional relationship.

When to Fire Your Lawn Care Company

1. They Don’t Keep to the Schedule

The point of a landscape company is to make your life easier, not harder. So, if they are showing up late or skipping days altogether, it’s definitely time to look elsewhere for services. Not only is it unprofessional to miss appointments, it could also affect the quality of lawn care you receive as some treatments are time-sensitive.

2. They Scalped the Yard

Another mistake that a professional lawn care company should not be making is scalping the yard. This can be caused by a crooked or dull blade, or setting the blades too low, but mostly it means that your lawn care expert doesn’t know what he’s doing. After all, you hired someone to do the job right, not to leave ugly stripes in your precious lawn.

3. They Spill Chemicals in Your Lawn

This is another mistake that points to carelessness and being unprofessional. Now, we do understand that mistakes happen and no one is perfect. So, if gas, fertilizer, or weed killer was spilled and killed a patch of your lawn, your lawn care company should replace the sod or reseed in a week or so. If not, it’s time for a new company.

4. They Aren’t Producing What They Promised

Finally, as we mentioned before, when you hire a lawn care company, you want to get what you paid for. So, if your lawn isn’t thick and healthy like you were promised, you might need to use a different company. If you’re paying for quality lawn treatments and care, don’t settle for a less than beautiful lawn.

If you’re ready to find a new lawn care company, check out the experts at Nature’s Select™ Premium Turf Services, Inc. We will help balance and grow your lawn into the picturesque space you always knew it could be. Contact us today at (336) 768-7999 to request your free estimate. We serve the Winston-Salem area including ClemmonsKingKernersville, and beyond.